l i b r a z

m o v e
e x p r e s s
r i s e

we are a small-scale non profit organization

helping communities that endured traumatic experiences,

through dance, movement and expression

to help them experience safety and confidence

For example by:

organizing therapeutic flamenco dance workshops to victims of domestic violence,

creating art-video performances to share stories of injustice or abuse,

providing breathing and active mindfulness by dancing to asylum seekers from africa

giving dance and self esteem sessions to female teenagers abused by loverboys,

denouncing sexist beliefs through empowering workshops…

We believe in the strength of
motion and the body
to foster resilience and bring change.

We work from an intersectional feminist perspective and respect all dimensions of diversity, culture, religion, race, gender, social class, age, sexual orientation and ability.

We are a small scale organization, in direct contact with the individuals, mainly doing projects on a voluntary base without any kind of financial support and usually in collaboration with other organizations.



Mindfulness in movement for mothers and children asylum seekers

LIBRAZ collaborates with Harriet Tubman organization in Amsterdam offering active mindfulness and self care sessions to the mothers living in a temporary shelter. We used relaxation and activation techniques, self-care and regulation of stress and anxiety to help them deal with the insecurity of not knowing what would happen to them. Living in a foster home where they can only stay for 6 months and having been denied the right to asylum, they are in a limbo situation where they are extremely vulnerable.


Therapeutic dance for teens involved in loverboy problem

During the Summerschool of Fier NonProfit Foundation, Libraz travelled to Leeuwarden and Rotterdam to give two embodiment, dance and self estem workshops to teenagers from 12 to 17. Fier Foundation provides assistance to children and young people who have been confronted with violence and abuse in the family, been involved in the loverboy problem or honor disputes in the family context.

Our focus was to foster the self confidence and their ability to feel strong and experience joy through the means of dance and groupal somatic exercises. Grounding, group cohesion and emotion regulation were also important aspects during the training.


Dance creation with women involved in domestic violence

In “Shadows to dance”, the 9th Exhibition of Ipsy – Intercultural Psychiatry, LIBRAZ and four other participants created “Hands in movement” short dance videos using exclusively the hands, music and the background they would choose. Most of the participants were females involved in domestic violence.

To ensure their anonimity we chose not expose their whole body or face in the videos and just use their hands, providing this way framework where they would feel safer. Being able to express with their own hands what they were feeling, what they did not want, what they did want enables them with new skills for self-inquiry and self-care.


Dance and art creation based in life experiences

LIBRAZ collaborated in the creation of “Caminho” and “Seven Senses of Movement”, an art video project and a performance based on life experiences of two women (full anonimity about their background is needed). In the creative process we used life experiences, trauma related memories and paintings, movements, gestures and words chosen by the participants. The whole process was a co creation between LIBRAZ and them.

In “Caminho”, the participant had the opportunity to reflect about her life phases and express it in an artistic way, reframing how the difficult obstacles in her life were part of her and her development.

In “Seven senses of Movement”, the participant explored a new way to show her inner world and struggles, by choosing different gestures and movement that would symbolize part of that chaos. These pieces were shown in the 8th Exhibition of Ipsy, “Geheimen des levens” in the Oranjekerk, Amsterdam.

Performance based on experiences of physical abuse

“Implosion” was created using movement material gathered in the projects Syriame and Flamencame, together with personal experiences of physical and psychological abuse.
How we can become our enemies, how we can drown ourselves into accepting destructive, degrading and limiting behaviours of others around us. And how we can through self care and self love manage to step out and set boundaries, learning to treat ourselves differently.

This performance has been accompanied by the violinist player, Dolan Jones, and shown in a Social Center in Amsterdam; and with the Flamenco guitarist Luqas Bonewitz in the Festival “Mag het Licht Aan” also in Amsterdam.


Art and movement workshops for syrian refugees in Istanbul

LIBRAZ traveled to Istanbul to research possibilities for developing a project with the Syrian displaced communities living in the neighbourhood of Esenyurt in Istanbul. We discussed with different NGOs in the city and several grassroots initiatives. We developed two projects focused on psychoeducation of trauma, arts and embodiment with women and children and we received very positive feedbacks from the participants.

We also researched the possibility of developing a longer-term project in the schools in the border with Syria in Diyarbakir area, however, bureaucratic difficulties with the Turkish system forced us to cancel the continuation of the project.


Flamenco and assertiveness for women and children
that endured domestic violence

LIBRAZ developed the first pilot project in the Netherlands in a women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence, run by a recognized foundation in Amsterdam, Blijf Groep. A total of five sessions for women, and two sessions for mothers and children were organised, leading to the participation of 12 women and 6 children.

Flamenco dance basic movements, emotion regulation skills, trauma psychoeducation and assertiveness techniques were used as a framework and combined with dance movement therapy to help participants: Release disturbing feelings related to their past episodes of violence, start to improve their self-image, literally help them to say NO and YES and strengthen their beliefs of capability.

Art & Video creation about recovering from sexual abuse

In the context of the 10th Exhibition of IPSY – Intercultural Psychiatry “Art for Heroes”, Marsuwa Selibere (artistic name of the participants who wants to remain anonymous) and LIBRAZ created an art-video story. “From Ashes to life” is the journey of how somebody recovered from sexual abuse.

LIBRAZ collaborated in the ideation and development of the project The material, all the paintings, poems, edited images and the concept was created by Marsuwa Selibere during the dance movement therapy and art therapy sessions. This piece was shown in ROZET Cultural Center in Arnhem during the Autumn of 2018.


Half of the benefits of our workshops support LIBRAZ

The dance lessons given in Amsterdam along two years helped to finance the official creation of LIBRAZ as a non profit organization. Half of the money that the participants paid for the lessons, workshops and masterclasses, served for the formal establishment of the organization.

Currently, we continue using this concept in our workshops. This way general public can support social projects with more disadvantaged populations and be part of LIBRAZ. Moreover, as we are basically run by volunteers, this enables us to be independent covering the regular costs without having to be dependent of donations or bigger charities.


Art and dance for orphan children living in Yerevan

In Zatik Orphanage in Erevan, I helped organizing a groupal artistic performance together with the kids. During one month we worked towards a final show, mixing elements from Armenian and flamenco dances, popular songs and expressive gymnastics. This was one of my first collaborations, I was just 19! much before I was graduated as a Dance Movement Therapist.

This experience served me to realise how powerful art and expression can be for children in disadvantaged situations and how working together towards a group creation in a flexible creative process can be a very powerful tool for feeling connected and supported.

who is behind libraz

We are a small scale organization, in direct contact with the individuals, mainly doing projects on a voluntary base without any kind of financial support and in collaboration with other organizations.

Maria Munain Moral created L I B R A Z together with Virginia, Olesia, Esther and Aldo in April 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Currently we are searching for new volunteers in the field of video editing, creativity or event planning. If you are interested in movement, art and supporting others, you can contact us in:



Thank you very much to every single person and organization that have supported us until now!

Coming to the workshops to help finance the projects, providing the space or supporting and facilitating in other ways:

Estrella M., Flor M., Paulina P., Valeria V., Yvet, Blanca M., Maria S., Sarah B., Pauline, J., Ellen J., Berengere F., Rosa B., Anna E., Mariza, Berta C., Nandini C., Roser F., Olesia S., Virginia G., Esther B., Ana M., Ane M., Leticia S., Diana C. Bernarda P.,
Aldo V., Olesia S., Esther B., Virginia G.

Anouk V.N., Suzanne D., Maritne V.A., Annemarie V,

Maitane A., Aitor V., Bruni I., Gabriela C., Aloixe F., Leire F., Iber, Ainoa A., Estíbaliz A., Elena C., Marta S., Marta C., Nerea B., Amaia M., Natalia E., Maider A., Gema G., Jenny M.,

Lucía L., Euge, Marina, Lucia R., Elena, Maider,

Lucia M., Idoia, Katherine A., Maider, Andrea, Herel, Teresa, Nerea, Laura J., Maitane R., Marta G., Sarai, Elena C., Alazne, Marina M., Laura M., Yaiza A., Laura B., Brenda L.P., Sara R., Nuria V., Andrea, Raquel, Marta P., Dunia M., Mireia S., Maria M., Isabel, Cristina, Conchi C., Andrea M., Josune , Liliana, Leire, Lorena , Leticia A., Yanci C., Marta R., Beatriz S., Itxaso G., Belen , Raquel, Mireia B.

Legal status

Registered as a Non Profit Foundation in the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) of Amsterdam, The Netherlands with number 63226391.
Check the information in:


Designated as a Public Benefit Organization, ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).
You can check the status here:


To see more legal information and annual accounts
click here.

Thank you for supporting us!

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